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Mechanical engineering and fundamental technical sciences

Mechanical engineering

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Materials engineering


Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering


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Sergey Aksenov (National Research University-Moscow), Ivo Alfirević (University of Zagreb), Roko Andričević (University of Split), Adriana Bjelanović (University of Rijeka), Nicolae Boja (University of Timisoara), Mladen Bulić (University of Rijeka) Zlatan Car (University of Rijeka), Većeslav Čorić (University of Zagreb), Roko Dejhalla (University of Rijeka), Aleksandra Deluka Tibljaš (University of Rijeka), Rudolf Eger (University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden), Tomislav Filetin (University of Zagreb), Lin Geng (Harbin Institute of Technology), Branko Jeren (University of Zagreb), Zoran Jurković (University of Rijeka), Branko Katalinić (Vienna University of Technology), Goran Kniewald (Ruđer Bošković Institute), Franc Kosel (University of Ljubljana), Lado Kranjčević (University of Rijeka), Stojan Kravanja (University of Maribor), Elso Kuljanić (Croatian Academy of Scinces and Arts & University of Udine), Ivan Kuric (University of Žilina), Siniša Kuzmanović (University of Novi Sad), Stanislaw Legutko (Poznan University of Technology), Željan Lozina (University of Split), Senka Maćešić (University of Rijeka), Igor Mezić (California Institute of Technology), Silvija Mrakovčić (University of Rijeka), Jitai Niu (Harbin Institute of Technology & Henan Polytechnic University), Josef Novak-Marcinčin (Technical University of Košice), Damir Novosel (Mississippi State University), Nada Orlić (University of  Rijeka), Nevenka Ožanić (University of Rijeka), Joško Ožbolt (University of Rijeka), Nikola Pavešić (University of Ljubljana), Branimir Pavković (University of Rijeka), Duško Pavletić (University of Rijeka), Damir Pečornik (Mannheim University of Applied Sciences), Tomaž Pepelnjak (University of Ljubljana), Nedjeljko Perić (University of Zagreb), Jindrich Petruska (Brno University of Technology), Jasna Prpić - Oršić (University of Rijeka), Diana Car - Pušić (University of Rijeka), Pero Raos (University of  Osijek), Srđan Stanković (University of Montenegro Podgorica), Roman Šturm (University of Ljubljana), Sejid Tešnjak (University of Zagreb), Anica Trp (University of Rijeka), Goran Turkalj (University of Rijeka), Miroslav Vereš (Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava), Ivica Veža (University of  Split), Zdravko Virag (University of Zagreb), Nelida Črnjarić - Žic (University of Rijeka).


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Alenka Šuljić Petrc


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Aims and Scope:

Engineering Review is an international journal designed to foster the exchange of ideas and transfer of knowledge between scientists and engineers involved in various engineering sciences that deal with investigations related to design, materials, technology, maintenance and manufacturing processes. It is not limited to the specific details of science and engineering but is instead devoted to a very wide range of subfields in the engineering sciences. It provides an appropriate resort for publishing the papers covering prior applications – based on the research topics comprising the entire engineering spectrum. Topics of particular interest thus include: mechanical engineering, naval architecture and marine engineering, fundamental engineering sciences, electrical engineering, computer sciences and civil engineering. Manuscripts addressing other issues may also be considered if they relate to engineering oriented subjects. The contributions, which may be analytical, numerical or experimental, should be of significance to the progress of mentioned topics. Papers that are merely illustrations of established principles or procedures generally will not be accepted. Occasionally, the magazine is ready to publish high-quality-selected papers from the conference after being renovated, expanded and written in accordance with the rules of the magazine. The high standard of excellence for any of published papers will be ensured by peer-review procedure. The journal takes into consideration only original scientific papers.


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Engineering Review, Vol. 42, No. 2
Published: 2022-12-17


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