Analysis and mitigation of power quality (PQ) issues in 0.3MW solar photovoltaic system (SPV) connected to grid with MPPT tracker and controlled load using PSCAD software


  • AKSHAY NARENDRA DESHMUKH G H Raisoni College of Engineering,Nagpur
  • Vinod K Chandrakar G H Raisoni College of Engineering,Nagpur


Integration of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systemin grid is gaining popularity as the demand for distributed generation systems is increasing globally. This scenario is leading to several power quality issues in distribution system. Hence analysis of Total Harmonic distortion (THD) and current demand distortion becomes significantly important. This paper pronounces analysis and mitigation of PQ issues of grid connected 0.3MW solar Photovoltaic System with MPPT Tracker and controlled load using PSCAD software. The irradiance and temperature are feed as input to the photovoltaic system designated to produce 0.3MW. This PV power is in turn feed to DC-DC boost converter for voltage regulation and MPPT tracking. The regulated DC power is feed to voltage source inverter for supplying to point of common contact (PCC) where conventional grid and controlled load is connected. THD measurement at inverter output using FFT analysis and voltage imbalance study is done. The values of THD at inverter current and voltage are evaluated using FFT analysis. As a mitigation strategy at the output of the inverter to improve current and voltage THD, Static Var compensator is connected which is found to reduce THD substantially.    

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