Mathematical model of the influence of geometric parameters of the shaft on the productivity of the screw press


  • Wojciech Sitek Silesian University of Technology, Poland
  • Volodymyr Havran Department of Computer-Aided Design, Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv, Ukraine


This article delves into the pressing process of oil crops, primarily using screw presses, essential for obtaining vegetable oil. The objective of the article is to describe influence of geometric parameters of the shaft on the screw press productivity. This study refines existing mathematical models, emphasizing the impact of geometric dimensions on press productivity. The research culminates in presenting a versatile screw press design tailored for diverse oil-containing raw materials. This design optimization aims to enhance oil extraction efficiency and offers crucial insights for the agro-industrial sector, supporting sustainable and high-quality food production.

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