A new approach to modeling a microwave antenna array with a phase radiation pattern


  • Elmar Hunbataliyev Azerbaijan Technical University


In this paper, models of an annular antenna array have been developed and an analysis of the main characteristics of this antenna array has been carried out. The obtained results suggest that the considered variants of the microwave ring antenna array with discrete-switching scanning of the azimuthal radiation patterns, taking into account the weight, size and electrical characteristics, seem promising for use in the equipment of radio communication, radar and radio control systems. And also a method for correcting the distortions of the directional patterns of the developed annular antenna array, caused by the mutual influence of emitters, is proposed. To implement this technique, an algorithm has been developed for changing the amplitude distribution of the electromagnetic field strength from the phase distribution of the electromagnetic field strength to compensate for the distortion of parameters caused by the deviation of the beam of the radiation pattern.

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