Optimization of cutting die life cycle and investigation of parameters affecting die life cycle


  • Pinar Demircioglu Munich Technical University
  • Ismail Bogrekci Aydin Adnan Menderes Univesity
  • Yavuz Eris JMW Company - Jantsa Magnetto Wheels
  • Süleyman Can Özkan JMW Company - Jantsa Magnetto Wheels


In this study, the factors affecting the die life cycle were investigated due to the high costs caused by the punch and matrix wear of the die used in the ventilation hole cutting of the disc component, which has MW05 material, and life cycle optimization experiments were carried out. In order not to have too many variables, the study was conducted in two stages. Firstly, studies such as geometry and PVD surface coating were carried out for the punch lifecycle. After that, studies such as hardness, manufacturing method, surface roughness, press tonnage, and alternative material were carried out for the matrix life cycle. Due to the flat area around the cutting edge of the punches, it has reduced abrasive wear on the cutting edge, and in addition to the modification to this punch design, the AlCrN surface coating has reduced adhesive wear on the cutting contour and increased punch life cycle. By changing the cutting contour of the matrix to milling machining instead of cutting by wire erosion, an increase in the matrix life cycle has been achieved. The die life cycle improvements made will be included among the new die design inputs.

Author Biographies

Ismail Bogrekci, Aydin Adnan Menderes Univesity

Orcid ID: 0000-0002-9494-5405

Yavuz Eris, JMW Company - Jantsa Magnetto Wheels

Orcid ID: 0009-0000-8486-9499

Süleyman Can Özkan , JMW Company - Jantsa Magnetto Wheels

Orcid ID: 0009-0006-9964-6478

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