Numerical simulation of ultra-strength concrete-filled steel columns


  • Zhishuo Yang
  • Yezhi Zhang
  • Mingxia Chen
  • Guocan Chen


numerical simulation, vector method, concrete-filled tube, ultra-high strength confinement, axial compression


Researches into the constitutive relation of the super high strength and high performance concrete and the stress strain relationship of the ultra-strength concrete-filled steel columns are rare. Therefore, this paper based on continuous mechanics presents the relationship of mathematical description to the concrete deformation behaviors. The compressive behaviors of steel-reinforced super high-strength concrete columns under axial loading were studied with a series of experiments. Two specimens with concrete strengths ranging from 130,1MPa to 137,3MPa and with 121mm circular hollow stub columns with wall thicknesses of 5 mm were manufactured. At the same time, a three dimensional non-linear FE analysis of axial compression was conducted using the finite element program ABAQUS/Standard solver. The numerical results were validated through comparison with experimental data in terms of axial loading and deformation modes.