Investigation of piles behavior under lateral cyclic load


  • Chunhui Liu
  • Liang Tang
  • Xianzhang Ling


piles, 3D finite element analysis, cyclic lateral load, numerical models


In this paper, the capability of 3D nonlinear finiteelement models is validated by single pile and 5x3pile group filed experiments that is subjected tocyclic lateral loading. Then, a series 3D finiteelements models are built to analyze the effect ofthe number of cycles of lateral loading, pilespacing, and pile group arrangement. The resultshave shown that the number of cycles affected thepile-soil system stiffness seriously, and the pilegroup effect became insignificant as the increase ofpile spacing, while this effect became moresignificant with the increase of the pile grouparrangement. In practical engineering, the pilespacing and pile group arrangement should beconsidered and chosen carefully.