Experimental investigation into tool wear of cemented carbide cutting inserts when machining wear resistant steel Hardox 500


  • Jozef Majerik Alexander Dubcek University of Trencin Faculty of Special Technology
  • Igor Barenyi


hard machining, tool wear, flank wear, wear resistant steel Hardox 500, mechanical properties


This paper deals with testing and investigation of changeable coated carbide cutting inserts with the hard rough face milling process. All realized cutting tests have been performed on CNC vertical milling machine tool at Department of Engineering in Trencin within the scope of the European Union Foundation ITMS project code 26110230099. The main aim of this paper is to focus experimental investigation on the impact of the various applied values of cutting speeds while hard machining the material Hardox 500. Testing cutting tool materials used in this research are coated cemented carbide changeable inserts produced by DORMERPRAMET Company. Tested machined material was hard abrasion resistant steel Hardox 500. The cutting speeds (55.7 m.min-1, 78.5 m.min-1 and 111 m.min-1) are investigated with variable parameters, whereas the cutting depth and feed rate are constant parameters. The pictures of new and worn changeable cutting inserts geometry and the graph of dependence on variable cutting speed are shown as a result of this realized investigation.

Author Biography

Jozef Majerik, Alexander Dubcek University of Trencin Faculty of Special Technology

Department of Engineering