Dependence of changes in pressure of superheated steam for reducing heat drop in the throttling regulation of steam turbines


  • Ivan Jakovljević INA d.d., Milutina Barača 26, 51000 Rijeka, Republic of Croatia,
  • Marko Perčić Faculty of engineering, University of Rijeka


steam turbine, regulation, throttling, turbine power


Regulation of the steam turbine can be achieved by optimal, reliable and safe operation. Power regulation adjusts the operation of the steam turbine load current, i.e., it changes the thermal drop (throttling control) or quantity of steam (nozzle control group). An analysis of the throttling regulation reveals the turbine power dependence on the pressure and the supplied amount of steam, and shows the losses due to a pressure drop in the aforementioned regulation.

Author Biography

Marko Perčić, Faculty of engineering, University of Rijeka

Department of thermodynamics and energy engineering