Storage degradation mechanism analysis and storage life prediction of the optoelectronic couplers


  • Bo Wan
  • Guicui Fu
  • Chun Pei
  • Yibing Dong


storage degradation mechanism, optoelectronic coupler, multi-channel degradation


Optoelectronic couplers are typical optoelectronic devices with long life and high reliability. Accelerated degradation testing is mostly utilized to assess optoelectronic coupler storage life. However, in engineering, integrated optoelectronic coupler may be nagged with the fusion of multi-channel degradation data. To solve this problem, the paper firstly conducted accelerated storage degradation testing on a certain type of the optoelectronic coupler, and analyzes the main degradation model and mechanism of an optoelectronic coupler under storage environment. Meanwhile, the paper gives an access for processing multi-channel degradation data based on pseudo life, which can be also employed to assess other integrated devices, like memories, with their accelerated degradation data.