Fault tolerant LED power converter design for more efficient and durable lighting


  • Kristian Gašparini
  • Abdelhameed Nasser
  • Saša Sladić Sasa Sladic, TFR


power electronics converter design, current source converter, LED driver


LED lighting has numerous advantages over the incandescent light (or electric) bulbs lighting. However, LED lighting has its own drawbacks which can be overcome by an electronic power converter including current and temperature regulation. Efficiency and durability of the power converter has to be as high as possible in order to achieve high efficiency and long life cycle of a whole lightning system. LED lighting can also be used without additional electronics that might result in a decreased LED life cycle. The application of a general purpose PWM generator TL594 ensures high reliability during a long term operation. During design, a high level of redundancy was built into the system. In order to support a theoretical analysis in frame of electronic design and reliability theory, a practical converter was built and tested.

Author Biographies

Kristian Gašparini

Abdelhameed Nasser

Saša Sladić, Sasa Sladic, TFR

Assistant Professor, Department of Electric Power Systems, Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka