Ambient orchestration in assisted environment


  • Goran Brestovac Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka
  • Dea Marin
  • Tara Oroz
  • Aleksandar Vidović
  • Szilárd Bozóki
  • Andrej Grgurić
  • Miran Mošmondor
  • Tihana Galinac Grbac


ambient assisted living, smart home, reference architecture model, case study


Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) stands forinformation and communication technologyenabled smart home environment that servespersons, especially the elderly and disabled in theirindependent living. Among many alreadydeveloped AAL systems, technologies, resourcesand services, the main problem about theirinherent interconnection still remains. One of thebig research issues is to propose referencearchitecture and develop an open and standardizedplatform that should serve wider community as anenabler for cooperating concept – collaborationbetween competitors. This paper presents anexperimental ambient orchestration in assistedenvironment on top of universAAL middleware thatis based on the reference architecture underdevelopment within universAAL research project.Our contributions are the following:interconnection scenario using industrycommercial products, verification of referencearchitecture and user guides, developed webservices for ambient orchestration within casestudy and its demonstration in real environment.