Discussion on the application of the medina model to the flow curve of hot deformation


  • Wang Lidong Henan University of Science & Technology
  • Xu Dong Zhou


Median model, flow curve, hot forming, fitting analysis


The application of the Medina model to the flowcurve of hot deformation has been discussed. Usingthe quick fit function of 1stOpt software, therelationship between various model coefficientsand a dimensionless parameter Z/A has been built.Using a classification method of the Medina model,the flow curves of 50A1300 silicon steel are builtand R^2 of 0.979436 and the average relative errorof 7,3517% are obtained. Then using arecrystallization model of the Medina model, theflow curves of 45K-DDQ are built and R^2 of0,974373 and the average relative error of6,1453% are obtained. In addition, the flow curvemodel is programmed in Matlab environment sothat true stress could be automatically obtained.Finally, the whole fitting method and piecewisefitting method are compared when using theMedina model for solving the model parameters ofthe dynamic recrystallization flow curve.

Author Biographies

Wang Lidong, Henan University of Science & Technology

Xu Dong Zhou