A three-dimensional numerical analysis of complete crossflow heat exchangers with conjugate heat transfer


  • Marko Perčić Faculty of engineering, University of Rijeka
  • Kristian Lenić
  • Anica Trp


fin-and-tube heat exchanger, crossflow heat exchanger, numerical analysis, heat transfer, conjugate heat transfer, air-side and water-side, non-constant physical properties


In this paper, a three dimensional numerical analysis of turbulent fluid flow and heat transfer on the air-side and water-side of plain fin-and-tube heat exchangers is performed in order to obtain their heat transfer characteristics with non-constant physical properties. Besides convection heat transfer on water and air sides, the heat conduction through pipe walls and fins is also considered in the study. The two types of heat exchangers having cascade and in-line flat tube arrangements are presented.. Heat exchangers have been numerically simulated for different inlet air temperatures and velocities. As crossflow has been taken into account, the heat exchangers have been modeled with all fins considering the temperature changes on both sides. Numerical values are compared to the results obtained by analytical calculations of the heat exchangers, and good agreement of results is derived. The heat transfer characteristics are observed to be better for the heat exchanger with cascade tube arrangement for all of the analyzed conditions.

Author Biographies

Marko Perčić, Faculty of engineering, University of Rijeka

Department of Thermodynamics and Energy Engineering

Kristian Lenić

Anica Trp