Large displacement analysis of laminated beam-type structures


  • Igor Pešić Department of Polytechnics, University of Rijeka, Sveučilišna avenija 4, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia
  • Goran Turkalj Department of Engineering Mechanics, Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka, Vukovarska 58, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia


The paper presents a finite element formulation for analysis of 3D framed structures with thin-walled laminated composite cross-sections, using a co-rotational approach. The formulation considers the effects of large displacements on the response of space frames subjected to conservative and static external loads. Classical lamination theory for thin fiber-reinforced laminates has been employed. Stability analysis is performed in load deflection manner using co-rotational formulation. The shear strain of the middle surface is assumed to be zero, and the cross-section is not distorted in its own plane. In order to illustrate the application of the proposed formulation, several numerical examples are presented.

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