The method of parametric decision trees in the analysis of automatic transmission

Gearbox analysis using the graph method


  • Adam Deptuła Department of Management and Production Engineering, Faculty of Production Engineering and Logistics , Opole University of Technology, 76 Prószkowska St., 45-758 Opole, Poland


The current applications of graph theory concerned modelling gears for dynamic analysis, kinematic analysis, synthesis, structure analysis, gear chain optimization and automatic design based on the so-called graph grammars. Some tasks can be performed only by methods resulting from graph theory, e.g. enumeration of construction solutions. The purpose of modelling an automatic transmission with graphs can be versatile, namely: determining the ratio of individual gears, analyzing the speed and acceleration of individual rotational elements. At a later stage, the methods of decision logical trees can be used to analyze the functional schemes of selected gears. However, for graphs that are transmission models, tree structures that play parametrically can be used. This allows for the generalization and extension of the algorithmic approach.