Effect of powder concentration on the EDM performance of AISI 304 using cryotreated post tempered electrodes


  • Munmun Bhaumik Department of Mechanical Engineering, Gayatri Vidya Parishad College for Degree and PG Courses (A), Andhra Pradesh- 530045, India; Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Rourkela, Orissa- 769008, India
  • Kalipada Maity Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Rourkela, Orissa- 769008, India


Cryogenic treatment, hybrid machining process, material removal rate, powder mixed electro discharge machining, radial overcut, surface roughness, tool wear rate.


Powder mixed electro discharge machining (PMEDM) is a hybrid machining process in which dielectric fluid is mixed with electrically conductive powder particles for enhancing surface quality and material removal rate. Cryogenic treatment was brought in this process to improve tool life and cutting tool properties. In this research, silicon carbide (SiC) powder mixed electro discharge machining (EDM) has been performed for the machining of AISI 304. Experiments have been carried out to study the effect of powder concentrations (0 g/l, 4 g/l, 6 g/l, 8 g/l and 10 g/l) on the EDM performances viz. radial overcut (ROC), material removal rate (MRR), surface roughness (Ra) and tool wear rate (TWR) using three tungsten carbide electrodes (i.e. untreated, cryotreated single and double tempered). With addition of powder concentration material removal rate, radial overcut enhances and surface roughness and tool wear rate reduces. With the addition of powder concentration MRR, TWR, Ra and  ROC decreased upto 10.60%, 37.08%, 15.95% and 9.31% for cryotreated single tempered electrode and decreased upto 16.64%, 42.10%, 26.58% and 12.19% for cryotreated double tempered electrode respectively. Microstructural analysis of machined surface has been carried out for the PMEDMed surfaces.