Strength and durability properties of waste steel slag mixed concrete


  • Abhijit Ambadasrao Warudkar Research Scholar, School of Civil Engineering, VIT, Chennai Campus, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
  • S Elavenil School of Civil Engineering, VIT, Chennai Campus, Chennai, India.


Compressive strength, Steel slag mixed concrete, Durability-related properties


Since the exploration of natural aggregate for construction is leading to environmental concerns, the development of new environment friendly construction materials, such as steel slag, is being promoted. Ecology gets threatened by the disposal issue of steel slag, as millions of steel slags are produced as a by-product in steel industry. This investigation, analyze the potential of steel slag as a partial and complete replacement for coarse aggregates in cement concrete. It is seen that the inclusion of steel slag improves the mechanical and durability properties of cement concrete. This study is strengthened by statistical analysis which is carried out on the basis experimental fallouts. It is concluded that, the use of steel slag can improve the properties of cement concrete, that is applicable in flooring, pavements or in places where concrete surface being in contact with external forces and environment.