The analysis of material removal rate of WEDM miniature gears


  • Ashish Goyal Manipal University Jaipur,India
  • Vyom Singh Manipal University Jaipur
  • Abhishek Patel Manipal University Jaipur


WEDM, miniature spur gear, material removal rate, response surface methodology, , scanning electron microscopy


This paper describes manufacturing capabilities evaluation of wire electric discharge machining (WEDM), to manufacture miniature spur gear on brass workpiece (10cm*15cm*6 mm) material. The research article gives the detailed analysis of the effect of input parameters such as pulse on time, pulse off time and feed rate on the material removal rate through WEDM process. Experiments were performed by using the DoE approach and the response was analyzed by response surface methodology during the fabrication of miniature spur gear. Scanning electron microscopy was also use to analysis the surface geometry of the gears. This study found that 0.4 µs for pulse on time, 60 µs for pulse-off time and 6 mm/min for feed rate provides the better material removal rate. The SEM image proves the capability of WEDM to machined miniature gear with uniform distribution of regular-shaped craters and defect-free flank surface.

Author Biographies

Ashish Goyal, Manipal University Jaipur,India

Assistant ProfessorMechanical Engineering Department

Vyom Singh, Manipal University Jaipur

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Abhishek Patel, Manipal University Jaipur

Department of Mechanical Engineering