Effect of the variable gear mesh model in dynamic simulation of a drive train in the wind turbine


  • Yonghui Park Department of Mechanical Engineering Mechanical System Major, Yuhan College, Bucheon, Republic of Korea
  • Wei Shi State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, China
  • Hyunchul Park Graduate School of Engineering Mastership, POSTECH, Pohang, Republic of Korea


Drive train, Variable gear mesh, Dynamics & Vibrations, Drive train Variable gear mesh Dynamics & Vibrations Fourier transform


To acquire transient response of the drive train, we consider more detailed mathematical model including variable gear mesh. Gear mesh is represented by Fourier series. In transient analysis, gear’s angular velocity is considered as constant. It makes sense when we considered steady-state. However, gear mesh is only part which vary according angular displacement. It should be considered not only by Fourier series model but also modified system displacement. To establish gear mesh model, we use curve fitting theorem. Equations of motion is derived by Lagrange’s equation, constrained equation and gear relation. The equations are solved by numerical integration method, Newmark method. Through these processes, we get dynamic results including angular displacement, velocity, acceleration, gear mesh contact forces. Also Fourier transform is used to see signals more detail. At last, we compare between variable gear mesh and constant gear mesh, give physical meaning, and analyze cause of phenomenon.