Energy transformation without using filter on high resistive load


  • Erol Can


39-level inverter, switch structure, high ohmic values


In this paper, 9-level, 17-level, 19-level, 21-level, 27-level, and 39- level inverters with SPWM are presented. According to a switching function, the high-multilevel inverter design has been described since a new multi-level inverter structure is considered. The multilevel inverter structure is designed with placing switches and sources on levels. Pulse width modulation, controlling switches in the inverter structure, is also produced by comparison between triangles and sinus signals. Operating sequences of the switches are given in the table in order to demonstrate the inverter operation characteristic with the produced signals. Then, mathematical equations are formed by considering an operation of switches on the load. In simulations and experiments, the 9-level, 17- level, 19-level, 21-level, 27-level, and 39-level inverters are performed on the resistance (R) and inductance (L) loads with different resistance, because it is difficult to generate current and voltage with an acceptable harmonic distortion on the impedances which have high ohmic values. After applications of experimentation and simulation, the obtained results are compared with other published papers of results and the international IEEE standard, which is 5% for harmonic distortions of creating currents and voltages