Removal of eye-blink artifacts from EEG signal


  • Ivan Markovinović Faculty of Engineering University Rijeka
  • Saša Vlahinić Faculty of Engineering University Rijeka
  • Miroslav Vrankić Faculty of Engineering University Rijeka


EEG, eye-blink artifacts, signal processing, ICA, ADJUST


Electroencephalography (EEG) is well known method of recording electrical brain activity with electrodes placed along the scalp. One of the challenging tasks in this field is the removal of electrical signals that are not related to brain activity.In this paper, an algorithm for the removal of the EEG signals corresponding to the eye blink artifacts is presented. The presented algorithm is based on ADJUST artifact removing tool, which uses independent component analysis (ICA) for signal decomposition. For every signal component returned by the ICA algorithm, temporal-spatial features are calculated, upon which every independent component is classified as artifact or non-artifact, and removed accordingly.